The Drama that did not happen: Dance Moms Reunion 2024

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Nia Sioux 23, Dance Moms Alum was reportedly close to other  Kids, did not join the Dance Moms Reunion 2024

Dance Moms Reunion 2024

Nia Sioux opted out of the Dance Moms reunion 2024 special for a straightforward reason – she simply wasn’t interested in participating. Addressing her absence in a candid TikTok video, the 22-year-old clarified that she chose to speak up to prevent any misunderstandings.



Despite being questioned about her decision frequently, she wanted to set the record straight without causing unnecessary drama or seeking attention. She emphasized that her choice wasn’t influenced by external factors like sorority commitments or schooling. In her own words, she reiterated that she declined the opportunity because she genuinely didn’t want to be a part of it, plain and simple


Nia Sioux has consistently expressed her gratitude for her origins in the reality TV show, acknowledging it as the launching pad for her career. She has emphasized this sentiment in numerous interviews, underscoring how Dance Moms has shaped her life positively and provided her with opportunities she cherishes today. Despite her decision to skip the reunion, Sioux harbors no resentment toward her former castmates. On the contrary, she extends her support to them, expressing happiness for their chance to share their own perspectives and experiences.

Sioux’s absence from the reunion doesn’t stem from any bitterness but rather from a personal choice to abstain at this particular moment. She clarifies that while she declined participation for now, it doesn’t signify a permanent refusal. She remains open to the idea of joining a reunion or discussing her time on the show in the future.

It’s noteworthy that alongside Sioux, sisters Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler were also missing from the upcoming special. Their absence, coupled with Sioux’s, may lead to speculation, but each individual’s decision likely stems from their personal circumstances and priorities.

As Dance Moms  Reunion 2024

approaches its premiere, Sioux’s explanation provides insight into her perspective and highlights the complex relationships that emerge from reality TV stardom

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